Monday, June 28, 2010

Holy Sexual Harassment, Batman!

Dear Nurse:

I regret having to discuss such a sensitive matter with you, but you've left me little choice.  When asking a patient to disrobe ENTIRELY for an exam, it is uncouth to follow the request with "Let's see if the curtains match the drapes, eh?" 

Furthermore, staring at the discussed area of my body after I undress was unnecessary and kind of disturbing.  Your "I guess we'll never know," was even more inappropriate and added an extra dose of humiliation to what was already an unforgettable fiasco.  Look lady, it's SUMMER TIME.  That which has been removed has zero chance of making a surprise appearance when I'm wearing a swim suit.  Not that it's any of your farking business, thank you very much. 

I may have survived the appointment, but my pride was not so lucky.  By the way, how exactly did removing my pants facilitate the examination of my armpit?

Still mortified,
The beet red patient who officially hates Mondays..and now, maybe nurses


  1. My response to her would have been.. you can see my carpet matches the drapes AFTER we see yours.
    Then I would have walked out.

  2. Oh Holly, that's awesome. I wish I'd had the sense to be more outraged when it was actually happening. It wasn't until later that I realized I could be mad about her behavior. Next time someone says something like that to me (if ever) I'm taking a page from your book. :)

  3. Yeah, that is just, I am speechless.