Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Takes Talent to be this Stupid

My awesomeness astounds me.
Yesterday I..
  • Felt a headache coming on around 4 p.m. and countered it with two Exced.rin migraine pills
  • Left work early because I began to feel worse
  • Got a few blocks away and became remarkably, wretchedly ill
  • Pulled over and waited for it to pass for a while before realizing it was only getting worse
  • Miraculously got home without killing anyone despite the fact that my entire world was spinning like it did when I was 14 and drank half a bottle of vodka
  • Cried because I've never missed a vocal rehearsal before
  • Called Pierre and begged him to run my kids through their songs
  • Laid in bed for hours with the curtains drawn, eyes closed, marveling that everything was STILL spinning
  • Played the "maybe I'll feel better if I puke" game
  • Debated whether or not I was dying
  • Wondered 8,251 times how rehearsal went/was going
  • Remembered the paper that came with the newly prescribed medicine specifically stated that I was not to have aspirin or any NSAIDs, including ibuprofen and acetaminophen
  • Wondered what the freaking fark is wrong with my memory
  • Continued to be agonizingly sick into the night and next morning..still feel awful
  • Realized that being sick for the last however many weeks/months was lovely compared to how bad it's possible to feel if I screw up the med that is supposed to make me feel better
I win the award for "Moron of the Year."  Don't be jealous.  I'm sure y'all have gifts too. 


  1. My talent is falling down in public which usually results in showing my rear end. Literally and figuratively.

    Hope you feel better now.

  2. Oh, sweetie, that was a rough day.

    I always try to get down at least 3 full glasses of water when headaches/migraines begin to threaten. It's not a fail-safe, but, surprisingly, it works more often than not to ease the ride.

    Hope you're feeling better today. :)